It's Thursday night. You've made your way to the laundromat three blocks down and are halfway through the loads of clothes when the power goes out because of the storm outside. Maybe you'll be able to pass the time while you wait for the power to come back on with another patron. 

This VN was made in 3 days for the "Only One of Any Asset" jam - one sprite, one background, one sound effect, and so on. If you are anything like me, and you have missed the small exchanges with acquaintances or strangers during lockdowns, then I hope you enjoy this comfy five minute slice of a conversation.



Programming, art, writing, VA - robobarbie

beta read - redstormpopcorn 

sounds -

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(160 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
TagsAtmospheric, LGBT, Ren'Py, Slice Of Life


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nice expirience <3

i love this game its so cool :)

my name is Charlie lol


I really love how the person that is supposed to be the reader has a gender neurtral look to them. That's what made this a lot nicer to read.


Did we have a sprite? I thought that was CharlieπŸ€”

(1 edit) (+3)

Short and sweet. Only criticism is that it's too short haha.

awww looks so cozy. pc broke for now and doesnt display all the text/choices on mobile. sadface


that was short, but is comforting and calming. i love rains so so much //-//


Such a lovely calming visual novel! I didn't expect there to be voice acting but I like it regardless! It makes it even cozier with someone just talking to me and we have fun just talking about nothing and everything. Lovely trip to a comfort lane~

Deleted post

Bro, Charlie, and her voice are so pretty and the rain and the... EVERYTHING! Omg, it makes me feel all nostalgic and crap... I kinda miss those days, it was so fun back then... and I was so carefree...  everything is so stressful now, and I almost forgot about my friend... I hope she's well... ANYWAYS, this is a really really REALLY great game! <3


I loved the voice acting for this. Whoever did that did very well. I like the character and the situation. A simple conversation in the rain with a friendly face. The rain in the background was a nice touch. I feel like the conversation could've changed a bit from selecting different options and the conversation could've gone in another direction. Other than that, this was pretty calming and nice. 


you always did a great job on your game! this games just radiates big comforting vibes!! loveee it

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I'm always amazed by your ability to create such natural feeling conversations and immersive, comfortable atmospheres. Loved the game, and so glad I finally took a few minutes to sit down and play it!

Awww thanks for playin πŸ’š


This was niiice~~


brooo this is so cool!! it's really reminding me of some stupid gossip back at school and just chilling while waiting for the rain to get away. anyhow, you did great as always :D love your games man :D

:D I'm glad that's what it reminded u of!! Ty for playin πŸ’š


aaaaa i can't wait to see more cool games like these from you!!! admittedly, i'd like to give some form of help if ever i could!!


really real ;; captured the feeling of the convos that go down when you have nowhere to go and no barriers up~

I'm glad!! I miss convos like those. Ty for playin! πŸ’š


I love this sm, it was fun and calming. The voice acting is amazing too


The way the voice acting syncs with the art and the writing is amazing! Lovely work!


it was calm and nice. it was short but it did spark something warm and cozy. Love it ,<3

Thanks for giving this game a play, too!! πŸ’šπŸ’š


Loved the mood in this!! The voice acting was so organic and fresh. The little animations on Charlie was a really nice touch. 

Made me feel like I was hanging out in a corner laundromat waiting for my clothes to dry 10/10 would wait for moldy clothes to dry again. 

LOL 🀣 I'm glad!!


Words fail me right now, but I really enjoyed it. The voice acting was nice. Charlie is cute. :)


Aww I'm glad she has a fan! πŸ’š


What a lovely experience! I really loved the artwork and I really enjoyed the voice acting. The writing and the sounds really created a relaxing atmosphere. Thank you for making this.


Aaaaa thanks for playing!! Glad you enjoyed it!!


Soft, inviting, peaceful, nonchalant.  A beautiful conversation in a brief moment in time definitely evokes what Robo was trying to get across: random and wholesome conversations with acquaintances. By the end, I had a slight smile, goosebumps, and an odd nagging that I should probably run the wash.  Lovely as always β™₯


You are so sweet 😭😭 thank youuuuuuuuu


Thank you for your hard work!

Lol no problem!! Thanks for playin πŸ’šπŸ’š


I loved this, was super chill and relaxing, was definitely worth the play through!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


ISTFG robobarbie sweetie how much should i pay you to read me to sleep 😭😭😭 i loved this pls taking a lil break from studying and seeing this made my day πŸ₯Ί love ya i wish u the best


DSFDSJKFHDSHJ thank u for playing!! i hope ur studying goes well!! <3 


Love your works! <3 this and blooming panic are so beautifull :')


Awww, ty πŸ’š