A downloadable program for Windows and macOS


After clicking an old link on a forum, you’ve stumbled into a server of strange hackers, each with their own axe to grind. They’re (reluctantly) willing to give you some lessons, but is there something else to gain during your time here?


Game Contains

  • 1 route 
  • 3 endings 
  • 15k-20k words or something 
  • ~2-3 hours of playtime 
  • Bonus section (dev doodles + track), unlocks after clearing all 3 endings

Odxny is the owner of the server,  and the most reticent of the group, but something's clearly ticking behind their mask. What can you uncover in your short time in the server, and can you change the path they've set themself upon?

Recommended for 18+.

  • strong language
  • sexual language/innuendo 
  • characters mean to MC
  • cops
  • hospitals
  • extortion/blackmail
  • foster care
  • suicidal thoughts
  • weed
  • alcohol
  • stalking

robobarbie   lead, programming, text
Allie Vera   text, editing
saffeine_art, programming
Diantre' "HI-T3C" Butler   music, sfx
Mike Young   voice acting (odxny)

Special thank u to Destini Islands for the bad end cg and general all-around help! 

QA Team

Tools Used



  • Some players experience crashing on save/load. Some people have been able to fix this by making sure all their drivers are up to date and working. If you still need help with this after updating all of your drivers, you can join the fanserver linked in the devlog and we can try to help! 
Microsoft's official Windows Update docs: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/update-windows-3c5ae7fc-9fb6-9af1-1984-b5e0412c556a 
AMD driver/chipset dashboard: https://www.amd.com/en/support/download/drivers.html 
Nvidia's driver page: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx 
Intel DSA: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html
anything else (chipset, etc.) should come from the device/motherboard manufacturer


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(611 total ratings)
Authorsrobobarbie, Allie Vera, Diantre' Butler, saffeine
GenreVisual Novel
Tagscsvnjam, Otome, Short


seekL-1.0-pc.zip 213 MB
seekL-1.0-mac.zip 208 MB

Development log


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Really liked the concept of this game, I really liked the fact that the overall interface was interactive and I really felt like I was a hacker :'))

After playing Blooming Panic I HAD TO check if there were more games like that and luckily - there was! I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't solve all the programming quizzes and I'm so happy there was a walkthrough for that part, otherwise... that would have been quite frustrating. It was also a bit difficult for me to differentiate all those people, but since there was just one love interest, that was fine. Contrary to Blooming Panic, I absolutely LOVED the drawing style of seekL! The colors, the mood, the fox mask, the last phone call. So good! I wish the game was a bit (no, a lot!) longer with even more interactions with the love interest. But it can't be helped. I hope there will be more games by this developer and I wouldn't mind if there were any paid DLCs. 


I just wanted to play a cute romancing game and they made me to do programming and I love it

The entire game was so good, I enjoyed reading through the story and definitely loved how interactive the coding and chat aspects of the game were. I also really wanted to pat od on the head like bestie if I could hug out all of your sadness away I really would huhuhu thank you for making such a delightful game! It was short, fun and really a good way of introducing otome gamers to sql HAHAHA!!

Can some1 pls help me? ;-; I've been trying to find why I can't seem to continue day 4 when I put it the right code, it keeps saying there are files to extract after I quit over and over

me too ...

when i download it i cant play it becouse it wont let me in the game. I just dont no how to open it TwT


this game was so freaking amazing i am in love with everything!!also the coding made me feel so smart lmfao


GOD this is so good T_T AUGH this is so cool and i LOVED the coding aspect thank u for serving once again robo .. is it weird to like all the characters?? lmaooo

incri, who's probably two2 if he got his joker arc early, elimf, who's probably the type of guy that would like nightowl, damien, and drama commentary videos as white noise, wnpep, who's basically quest and salo and would definitely pep talk the members when a hack goes wrong (not before laughing at them but that's beside the point), and of course, odxny, the man, the myth, the legend (because he wants to be), he needs someone named lovelylola to help him doesn't he.. T_T ok well, thirm is supa cool too gotta love that person, mf probably watches palmertrolls or literally IS him,,,

so tldr; all the characters are bangers play this game


This game confirmed that all hackers are furries and it was also really fun because I like coding also taught me some SQL (10/10)


amazing game.LOVED IT.

Cuando en español? D':

i can't seem to get the answer howwwwwww ;_;

(1 edit)

Try putting it in single quotes instead of double! You could also have the last two words switched. If neither of those things work, check the code guide




I refused to play the other ending because all I wanted to do was romance him 😚😍(I caved in and played the rest of the endings)


so fun!!! the coding aspect was really unique and i got extremely hooked on that


AUUUGH i wish there were routes for other people i hate this dude





the coding games are pretty fun doeeee

I love this game!!

i love it.. too much, i want a Spanish version plz     (T w T)

Omg!! I loved it <33 It's really good and I enjoyed it! It gave me a thought about coding lol

this was so fun! you really made instructions clear, I enjoyed it so much :)

Omg I'm so bad at coding. Anyone know a good walkthrough?🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️


There's a code guide linked at the top!


Any plans for Android port?


1874614515478745/10 lOVED THIS will infact suffer again for this <3


10/10 would suffer again for this


Buen juego, estoy que caigo en la locura por intentar programar/decodificar, socristo

(1 edit) (+1)

i absolutely loved what i could play but now everytime i try to load up my saves it crashes the game:( 

edit: i did everything it told me to but it still crashes so im guessing i just cant play on my laptop:(((


Check out the Bugs section on this page right above the downloads! :>

Helloo,Does anyone know some youtube chanel that plays visual novels and posted about playing seekl? i really need it bcz i am really dump when it comes to coding and i am getting desperate since i am really ragging while playing it

(1 edit) (+2)

Here you are! This channel also plays many other visual novels if you're interested :D


this is one of the best games I've ever played-and like the coding, i honestly got hooked and trying to learn along the way is just so good

and just dang about od- his voice, personality and just everything-


usually dont write reviews but i enjoyed this game so much i just cant not say something, the coding aspect was so unique it rlly put its own special twist on the game. the VA did such an amazing job as well !! the characters were all so lovable (even incri lmao) i would be SOOOOO down for a sequel, need more odxny content !!


GOODDDD I LOVEEE THIS GAMEE! I need more of it- like a DLC or even just more games like it ARGH!! I love the coding aspects, the music, the voices, The EVERYTHING!!

hello! so far i am loving this game but i have a slight issue. on day 3 when wnpep asks me to find both baily and adriel's pay total the command wont do what its supposed to. i even went to the walkthrough to see if i using the wrong one but it still wont work, any way you can help?


bailey yang is spelt with an e! that's why it's not pulling up the other result ^^


omg i feel stupid, thank you


lmao i was so confused with the bonus rap but its good


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG thank you it's a genious way to learn SQL!!! and now i know so much more about esoteric programming languages lmaoooo

I loved every character in this game! VA as always is flawless~~~~~~~~~~~~


i loved this so so so very much - ur such a genius making sql fun oml. hearing about natural joins outside of uni gave me the biggest fright of my life!! sell this to schools you'd make cooiiin! 

loved my wonderful boy odxny <33 (mike young should do asmr haha) art and bgm was stunning!! you've blessed us with yet another beautiful game and so excited for more AAAAAHHHH

(2 edits) (+1)

really obsessed to this game everything are so gorgeous - the script , art , music , game design and how we can interact (coding) it so cooolllllll 

od so handsome /////// 

(2 edits) (+4)

I really love the game and everyone here is rather cute. The following might reveal some of the plot.

incy is like a crazy puppy which barks at everyone and easily gets bored, focusing on money. pep, just as his role in real life, a father, is the kindest when communicating with thrim in those three. elim enjoys arguing with incy and sometimes transforms into a soaring devil dog.

last and also the cutest, od, reflects leadership and pressure when chatting publicly, and also shows some preference for thrim. However when having vedio chat he seems to be hesitant, negative and timid, unconsciously calling for help. The fact that he only expresses his fragility to thrim makes him more charming, while its undeniable that his elaborate mask and beautiful voice are also attractive.

I would love to see more story of those guys, but the final destruction of the system clearly points out that my expectation is impossible to realize. The game is intriguing and I would recommend it to my friends. Looking forward to other works of the author.


yooo odxny's voice got me blushing hard & that's only because after all these years i'm still obsessed with xyx and mike young's voice makes my knees go WEAK

odxny's my special hacker bb <3 loved getting to know them and adored how natural the relationship with them progressed. the power of sincerity and authenticity will prevail!!!! the art is GORGEOUS btw omg i understand you kept odxny's face hidden i'm sure it was only to protect us bc it would be too blinding


una consulta, no esta en español verdad? No leo que este ya que no menciona nada al respecto del idioma, pero por las dudas pregunto


esta en ingles :C


estaba buscando a ver si alguien estaba como yo xD u-u


this game is very good totally recommend people trying this out!

i really wanna play this but it says that "cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified" and "macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware" what do i need to do to open this game?????


join the discord! people might be able to help there :3


hold down the control button on your mac keyboard, right click on the file and press open. it'll then come up with a popup asking if you're sure you want to open the file, click 'open'. hope this helps!!


i really LOVED this game. but, i wonder, how many endings does this have?

i wanna too


there are 3 endings! bad, platonic, romantic :3

thx!!!! btw who's the guy in your pfp??


it's Cove Holden from the visual novel Our Life Beginnings & Always <33

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