this game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 53: Delivery.

estimated length of playtime: 15~30 minutes

content warnings: this game is about death and will contain themes surrounding it, including references and words relating to grief, murder, suicide, pandemics, etc. by playing this game you are agreeing to seeing them.


deliver three recently departed souls to the afterlife -- and keep their thoughts comforted. as best you can, at least.

concept art thread here

writing process thread here

programming process thread here


known bugs

  • the web build struggles to play music on time + some SFX (some minigame sfx, a big THUMP in soul 3, and some starting line speaking text). if you want a full sound experience, it's highly recommended you download the game instead of playing the web build
  • sometimes if you click the in-game menu, the game will irreparably freeze. i gotta be real i got no idea what causes that so godspeed if you get that 
  • there are so many bugs if u play the web version in some kind of incognito mode. probably don't do that LOL


saffeine - art  

destini - writing 

robobarbie - programming

hi-t3c - sfx/sound design 

faefield productions - OST 

redstormpopcorn, curiousinstigator, basil, selendri - QA

other tools/assets used

falling dust effect - tofurocks

glitch text effect - wattson

THUMP sfx - zapsplat


Download 170 MB
Download 136 MB

Development log


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Such an amazing game from start to end! It never disappointed not once. 

Loved. The gullible line at the end...GASP.


Jesus absolute christ I went through a whiplash here! At first it was pretty sad and depressing but at the ending-- My god I was hit with tons of lore and so much challenge that I had to bust out my mouse just to catch those sonic speech bubbles.

Not only that but the story?? Absolutely beautiful, and how you could tell each of the characters' stories in such limited amount of time all while maintaining mystique-- By far, I adore the art, the art is goregous and whimsical, but when it came for the third passanger I was absolutely terrified at how this safe haven quickly changed into something unfamiliar.

I'm wondering if that's how the MC felt. And speaking of MC I was absolutely floored at the plot reveal at the end because I had this image that MC wasn't human at all which made it easy for them to ferry souls. But if what the third passenger said can be trusted--

Then someone is out there lying and controlling MC, and possibly hundreds more. And if that ain't a cool world building I have no idea what is!

Amazing job in this visual novel! From design, sound, minigames, and story, absolutely great!

Very late but my god, it certainly was worth my time. I love the way the story unfolds, the characters were written really well in my opinion and the dialogues were also written pretty good. Fantastic job and props to whoever made it because the artstyle, the story, the music and the writing were all fantastic for me.

wow i-

this was so emotional, i teared up. all the little hints in the conversations, peering into their thoughts to understand more of their story, piecing everything together... love it.

very nic

This game caught me off-guard. What a wonderful way to tell these stories, and there's no way the player won't be able to connect with the protagonist. Can't wait to see what other games you come up with

This game was very touching... Made me really reflect on what is actually important in life. Being pushed into things instead of choosing them and regretting many relations, I can relate

Beautiful art and writing. Loved it!


Wow, this is a hell of a ride, if you'll pardon the pun. I thought the art for both background and sprites as well as the music were excellent, and I really felt for all three passengers. Definitely recommend!

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What word words for soul 3?

Edit: I got it, also holy cow the lore


Really immersive and masterfully crafted Visual Novel full of beautiful visuals that are even animated to really put you in characters place, the story being told goes from "Oh interesting plot" to "Oh,a little anthology of peoples lives, neat" to "OH GOD THIS GOES DEEPER".

The conversations go really smoothly and I really enjoyed the bubbles minigame as a mechanic to get to know our passengers better instead of just flatout having them explain their whole life. Overall a amazing experience even for someone that plays VNs almost daily.

Keep up the good work!


Loved the game! I got attached to the characters so quickly !!

Though maybe a short explanation for the bubble mini game would have been nice.


A very thoughtful game.


This game is so good!! And it hit me right in the feels, I cried lol. But this is probably one of the best games I've played in a while. Loved the character designs and story, 10/10 would recommend! 


Are there multiple endings? Great game though overall. Curious if its related to anything.


I don’t really understand what we’re meant to do with the floating word bubbles???


find and click on the words you think the passenger would find pleasant or comforting


Oh this was good, I got teary at the second person and the last one is so intriguing.

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keep getting an error message(not stoping me from playing just kinda annoying) that "failed to execute transaction on IDMBdatabase the connection is closing"

on another note this game was enjoyable, not fun but an amazing expirience. I was realy impressed with how well you were able to create a strong connection with only a few sentances. Great job and keep up the good work.


this was super unique and interesting! Really enjoyed it :))

I loved playing this!! the gameplay was super unique which felt refreshing and also really fun. The art is gorgeous and the story was so immersive despite not being a long game! thank you for making this!! <3


This was wonderful! I love the detail on the characters and the storyline was so mysterious and intriguing.


Hi there! Loved the atmosphere created by the art and the soundtrack. Good job!


This game is pretty delightful~

You truly never fail to make such an interesting game with a rich storyline. Entire game had me on the edge of my seat, i loved it all

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Another great game, I know every time you make something I will have a great time. The artwork is phenomenal, the music atmospheric and the mood melancolic, yet calming. 

appreciate!! you!!


Wow! So unexpected! When I saw the bubbles floating around I didn't know what to make of it, but it dawned on me through trial and error that these were the internal memories of the passengers. So much was said without directly stating it, so the game of super-speedy click-click immersed me with how you could piece together each character's life story. So creative! I'm really amazed just thinking about it! Lovely music, incredibly stylish characters (wow!) and the gentle movement of the carriage were all nice to experience. A lot of story in this story ^_^


i'm glad the experience went that way for you!! we love doing atypical storytelling things here and there. much love kale <3