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AAAA this was so good omg,,, the art's really nice too, i'd forget to respond sometimes just looking at him, or reading the little messages on the screen X3


it's good. thank you!


I love it! Tbh i was so stressed out abt the Math and Wordsearch and I was so horrible at it that I sent the questions to my friends bc one, he is very good at math and two my other friend she is a master at wordsearch and bro i was so stress but eventually i did it, very good game to release ur stress and the artwork is very beautiful! 

I know that most likely you don't do translations, especially in Italian, but since it costs nothing to ask, can you translate it?

The game goes too fast for me and what I know of English I can't use it.


:D wow! It's a little tricky if you suck at spelling and word searches like me but the guide was my absolute best friend. 

The story is presented in a very interesting way where we don't get all the information dumped on you instantly, but we're able to do our job as a player and put the pieces together ourselves and interpret them! Great job!!!

I had so much fun playing this! I was chaotic since I'm a slow kind of person but it was all fun. Loved how each puzzle made me understand the story little by little.


I loved this, it was just the right amount of challenging and I loved the story! Shit's complex, it's so great. You pack a lot of character into a short amount of dialogue.



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aww it took a little time but it was worth it and happy that we got a happy ending

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my dyslexia could not but it was really fun just took a while

To be honest I didn't understand anything that happened and it was very stressful to play aha


I complete it in a intense rush of 5 minutes with stress.

Poor girl, did she get cheated on, I just wanna know?

I love the game so much! It was so fun to play the puzzles!

But I since I feel like Abel and the MC cheated... I really dislike them both. The only thing going for Abel is his tits, smile and tattoos.


Wow... I do not like that guy.

Abel's language, while seemingly supportive, have undercurrents of a tone that seems very manipulative. The kind of guy who will respond to a situation that suits him and then lay claim that it's you who is responsible for all the drama.

This was a great simulation of someone who's so mentally scattered that it's difficult for them to get a handle on what's happening.


Huh... that makes sense. I was like, bro seems nice but I get that sinking feeling when the MC talks with him.

Nice to know I'm not the only one who felt like that.

one of the best games ive found on this site really well done

Very cool... I love the whole vibe


bro idc about the puzzles show me your tits


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so real

every single game you do is amazing i loved this so muchhhhh






i swear every game you work on just hits different

very cool stuff! evocative! ty for sharing:)


omg !! your games always are BANGERS !! tysm for this !!

 also - what gender is Myles ? I thought they were neural at first but idk anymore


probably a he/him but go crazy

noted ! ty :)


the moment I read the first round of floating locker room text it was over for me. Stressful in the best way and bittersweet and now in love with this hot [v-word redacted for puzzle reasons] guy. The music, the conversation being cut between the games, it really felt like a person trapped in their head. just lovely

I tried to play on mobile and it was just not possible and confusing the heck out of me, but I'm SO GLAD I got on my computer to play. I really liked it!!


i love this game so much holy shit, everything just clicks perfectly, it made so much sense the more times you guess and talk with abel ww<3 (english is not my first language so i struggled a bit, but proud to say i did it without any help :>)

its an amazing game and its hard for really anyone so dont worry if it was hard beacuz of language you did well!!


aww my heart... it's bursting

but i spent an embarassing amount of time to figure out the last wordsearch (F--------). i even took a pic of it so i can see better and still couldn't find it for so many loops lol. abel waiting for me like "take your time:)" i was taking my sweet time ok

amazing game, love it<3

OMG SAME  i litery wrote forbiddens

and its forbidden and i thought that was wrong so i didn't try again  and took em hours literaly 


this was sooo good, but also english is a terrible langue that makes me mad when i have to go fast




LMFAO ty jenny 💚

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such a good game omg ??


i was so confused at first but the plot turned out to be really lovely! 


Woah i loved it, it was so intense to type and remember and ughhh it was amazing!! LMAO my brain can cook an egg


Wow! This is good and interesting.


i get this feeling. and everytime we kiss, i swear i could fly /lyr

anyways i love this!! managed to do most puzzles on my own, which i'm proud of! a really fun concept you executed well <3 i could still follow the story, despite my brain jumping between minigames


bro (gender neutral) u would not believe how many times i have looped that song in the last 6 days


i've never played anything that's hit me with such a unique combination of stress and dopamine before!! my brain was fried by the end of it but in a very good way

Hell yes glad it worked for ya!

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OMG THIS WAS SO GOOD!!! Dang when i tell you i was suuper tense while doing the puzzles but that ending really was worth it. It like, made a lightbulb go off in my head saying "Oh shit! That's exactly how it goes!" Great game yall! <3

Ahaha aww thank you so much for playing! I’m really glad you enjoyed the story! :’)))


Clever, innovative, and thematically resonant take on the theme--I loved how all the puzzles tied to the central topic. Looks great too. But gosh, those puzzles are haaaaard with the timer.

Do you have a link to your Ludum Dare entry page?

sure do! right here - 

thanks for playin n glad ya had fun!


This was such a beautifully written story! I loved how the amazing music and art really come together to give a melancholic vibe throughout the game.

tytytyty! glad u enjoyed!

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