Update Thoughts!

Hi. Hello. 

It's been quite the week. Thank you for the blow-out response to the Full Bloom update. The day we released the update, I think my heart did not stop beating 100mph until I hit publish. We somehow managed to keep this quiet for the past few months, and the happy reactions made it all worth it. I would have released this devlog sooner, but the other thing that happened the moment I hit publish was that my body just completely crashed LOL. Thanks for giving me a few days to breathe and sleep before posting this one. 

(Also - our editor wrote an epilogue to the Blooming Panic webnovel, but we couldn't find a place to fit it in game. If you'd like, you can read it here.)


  1. We rehauled the chat system 
  2. The art got a sick rework 
  3. Nightowl gained more content to make his route more "complete" since his route was a last minute finish during the game jam and didn't get the same care that Quest and Toaster did
  4. Toast got more content to boost up word count and allow the player to get to know him a little more 
  5. We gave voices to the side characters 
  6. We added several new tracks to the OST
  7. As usual, none of this was possible without the entire dev team, so giant kudos to everyone involved. 

I'm going to talk about a few things here, but I'll start off with what everyone is likely the most interested in: the boys


Let's talk about the content updates. Nightowl received the largest update of the original three, since his base route was the smallest back in June when we launched the base game. For comparison's sake, Nightowl's route clocked in at ~9k words, but NakedToaster's was ~13k words and Quest's was ~16k words. This was mostly because Nightowl's route was a last minute addition - he was nearly cut from the game entirely. You can kind of tell that he was rushed, though, when you see how that original story unfolds. 

So, in the update, we gave him ~6k words that beefed up his background, gave him more opportunities for server banter in a fun bloomic quiz game and OST discussion, and allowed a private channel for him and MC. Additionally, the Nightowl VA worked with me to re-record a large chunk of the final call in order to allow the player to still get the good end without wanting to date Nightowl right away. One of the most valid criticisms we received in the base game was that players didn't like that they had to date him immediately in the end, so we hope that these tweaks brighten his route up a bit for everyone. 

Oh, also. There are two guests that appear in the Nightowl route now. You can see more of them if you check out Deliver Us From Evil by Galen Games. B) 

NakedToaster received a smaller update, where we dive into a text adventure he made as a teenager. These segments come in somewhere around ~3k words, but the original text adventure draft was actually nearly 8k words LOL. We had much more branching options, but realized that we had sacrificed exchanges between the player and NakedToaster for those. So, we cut them down to just one or two choices, since the real point of this addition anyway was to give more chances for the player to talk to and get to know Toasty. These adventure segments also include a special track called "The Rakes of Kildare" that BloomBot plays during the game. Our composers did a great job on that! 

Quest, already with his beefy route, didn't get many text updates. BUT, he did get some small additions, such as some scars on his CGs and an OST track unique to his route that appears after Two2 posts a song he's been working on. The OST track is a remix of that piano sample, which was provided to us by one of our artists, Sleepy. Quest also got a new choice branch in one of his calls that addresses something he's allergic to - let us know if you find it! 

Finally, Xyx. The big, new, juicy route. One of the reasons we originally said he'll have a game for otojam 2022 was because we did actually mean that at the time. But, a couple weeks after the launch of BP, I realized I didn't want to be tied to making only BP games for the foreseeable future - so, I nixed that plan and we decided to instead release an Xyx route, just as a 2021 holiday surprise instead. Can't go back on promises to Xyx, right? A highlight of the Xyx route is, of course, the server zine, which was handled and assembled by our editor, Allie Vera. Giant kudos to them for pulling it all together in time. 

The development of the Xyx route was a difficult one for a variety of reasons. I think our team felt a lot of pressure from the unexpected success of BP, and we really wanted to be sure we put out something that would make people excited to download BP again. Based on the initial reactions, we've all breathed a sigh of relief from how happy y'all are. Thanks a million, gamers. Make sure you send a few thank yous to the Xyx writers, Destini Islands and Allie Vera, as well as our Xyx VA, Mike Young. They've definitely earned some high praise for the work they put in. 


We added voices for the side characters - did you catch that? You'll see some of the text chat lines have a small icon beneath them now. Click them to hear some fun new VA work from people on our QA, OST, and fanart teams. These were mostly people who, once again, had zero VA experience and just wanted to try it out for fun. They did a great job. 

Our OST also got a boost, with five tracks added. Like I mentioned, one of them is that Two2 track that plays during the Quest route, and another is "Rakes of Kildare" from the Toaster route. The last three can be found sprinkled throughout the whole game. A cool thing Orpheo did this time around was add little voice samples from our QA team to the new tracks (and I think he even put me on the track "LET'S GOOOO"). Just some more of that excellent collaborative energy. 


FBE overhauled many things, including the entire way the chat system works (which includes the bot-requests channel). This arguably took the most time and was done with the goal of eventually releasing the discord engine out to the renpy community, which, uh, means it needed to be understandable to people that weren't me LOL. I'm hoping to release that out sometime in early 2022 after I clean it up and simplify some more. Another redo was the menu GUI - we scrapped the default renpy look for a more customized computer-sim feel. Despite all the extra QA time from that (LOL) I think it was worth it, since it makes the game look a little more cohesive and immersive. 

A ton of other minor things changed that aren't worth getting into re: how the game runs and how things look, but I'm sure fans of the base game will be able to pick up on some of those here and there (like those new emotes Basil made!). One of the bigger things is, of course, the art rehaul for all of the boys. I wasn't going to originally re-do all of the art, but when I realized my art style had improved since launch and that Xyx just looked better than the other boys, I just said fuck it and updated it all. I understand that the change might upset some people, but I think it was for the best. If you miss the original look, we've kept the original game up on the itch page for ya. 


I make games for fun and as a hobby, and am unlikely to accept payment or donations anytime soon. I appreciate the sentiment behind people wanting to donate, however, and I love that you all have enjoyed Blooming Panic so much that you want to support us. 

So! In the spirit of the holidays, here are some charities you can donate to with the funds that you would have sent to me. They could use it a hell of a lot more than I can. I've selected one that corresponds with each boy, in case you'd like to donate to one that aligns with your favorite. Note that most of these are US based, so don't feel limited to this list of course if you'd like to donate elsewhere! 

Nightowl's selected charity is Foster Care to Success.  They try to help foster kids pay for college, among other things. 

Quest's selected charity is My Stuff Bags Foundation. They try to provide comfort and aid to children who are rescued from abusive situations. 

Toaster's selected charity is Eye to Eye. They assist students with learning disabilities and those facing similar challenges with overcoming obstacles in the classroom. 

Xyx's selected charity is Animal Legal Defense Fund. They work in the courts to try to protect the rights of animals. 


BP has been a project about the joy of collaboration from start to finish. I have found that, while I have a vision, others can color in that vision in ways I would never have considered and make it a million times better. I don't regret a single choice we made during the development process and I adore everyone who contributed a piece of themselves to the project. 

There was a point in the past few months where it became very difficult for me to work on the game due to several real life things outside of anyone's control, and I am eternally grateful to my team that put forward some amazing work and endless support through it all. Because of them, we got a complete game out before Christmas that I'm proud of and can look back at with fonder memories than I might have otherwise. The world of BP is all about warm communities, accepting change, and feeling like you belong somewhere, and the BP development team pillared those themes when I and others struggled. I cannot thank them enough.  (You can read more about my intense gratitude towards my team in my initial devlog after launch here. )

But, in particular, I have to give a small shout out to Allie Vera. They really pulled through on helping with things they didn't need to when they saw I was struggling, and that means the world to me. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. 

We wanted to leave the game with a more polished feel as our goodbye to the project, so please enjoy BP:FBE to your heart's content. FBE is the last update BP will receive, but it won't be the last project for the team. We hope to see you again soon.

Thank you for playing <3 

PS: Try re-downloading the update. We may or may not have patched in a special version of the BP theme song to the main menu. If you wait a bit you'll hear it. I promise it's worth your time. Totally. Definitely.  


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Dec 23, 2021
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Dec 23, 2021

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will someone help :(( so basically im trying to get naked toasters route but i cant get xyx to post his selfie.... anyone know why? im desperate :((((


You need to get nightowl and quests good endings. Heres more from the game page: 




i loved this game so much!!! i feel so lucky for finding it:,,,,,) i binged the whole thing in less than a day. every.sec.worth.it 

from the art, the storylines, the characters and love interests, the gameplay, voice acting...it was such a refreshing and unique experience!! my face hurts so much from smiling and blushing so much (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

i usually don't like english va but in this game it was absolutely incredible!!

I haven't felt this happy in a long time ( ´ ▽ ` )


I just found this game yesterday and played through all four (good end) routes in a day and LOVED them all. This was such a beautiful balance of humor and love and growing pains, and I loved not just the four romance options but also the growth and insight from side characters like salo and two. And of course, the format of a discord-esque server just made it so charming and relatable and extra engaging.

I found myself leaning forward on my desk to match xyx's posture on video calls, and laughing out loud with toasty. The story is engaging and moving, the characters are all sweethearts, and I'm definitely going to be replaying it when I need a quick sweet comfort game. <3

nightowl and xyx's routes are now my favorite routes! very fun and very humorful things.

(1 edit) (+2)

I just did the nightowl route, I didn't notice DUFE there xD wahh. Also, I enjoyed playing xyx's route <3 I hope there would be one for onion too T^T


I cant decide between Toaster and Xyx lmao :') HONESTLY I WISH DISCORD WAS FULL OF PEOPLE LIKE THIS... This was also really realistic. The dialogue always guesses what im thinking its just very not possible. Anyway i wish i got Xyx ending naturally, but i had to cheat UGHHHH :( ANYWAY I LOVE THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10. btw my favourite is sal, or should i say nicolas hahahaha 


i want a non romantic route where i can just be besties with salociN

i love server grandpa hes so cute LOL


I love it! So excited for XYX route but first I'll reply the routes (I forgot how handsome the bois are haha AND how good the vas are)

Any hints about future content? Hope it's more otome-ish games.


can't say for sure yet - I'd like to do a few different things outside of visual novels, but another otome title is up there as well in my list of "want-to-do"s since we learned a lot from blooming panic 


well regardless of any games made in the future (if any) thank u for blooming panic. I know it will be an instant indie classic in the otome genre, like Cute Demon Crashers.


I was so pleasantly surprised and ecstatic when the new update dropped! I've been waiting for xyx's route since I saw his silhouette and read his snippet in the version 1, and I have to say you guys did NOT disappoint! he legit took my breath away when he showed up for the intro call. I  was giggling and sighing like a schoolgirl on every call! I haven't played the other boys' routes yet because I still need a little bit of time to recover from xyx tbh. though now I'm excited to dive in and fall in love with them too all over again. thank you for sharing this extraordinary game with us. I could only imagine how hard everyone worked for BP, and it really shows. you guys are fcking LEGENDS. I look forward to playing more of your games in the future!!!


Awww I'm glad you liked xyx so much!! Enjoy poking around the other updates! 💚


The whole team did such amazing work with the update! I was super excited about the Xyx route, and I was not disappointed! It's amazing how everyone was able to work together to make such an awesome game! :)


Collaborative projects always have a special shine to them!! Thank you for playing gamer 💚

(1 edit) (+2)

I believe that this is the sweetest devlog I've ever read :)
Great job on the update, fabulous job overall - you and your team are very inspiring and the stories you've created (both in-game and the story of your development process) are very moving.

Thank you for this amazing Christmas gift and have a very happy holiday!
I'm glad that I'm a part of itch.io and that I get to witness the work of sincere and driven people like you :)

You are very welcome. Thanks for the love 💚


Thank you for all the work you and the rest of the team put into this game:) I probably don't know even a 1/4 of all the work that went into this, but have so much gratitude! this game has brought a lot of joy, laughs, comfort and some tears over the last few months. All the heart you all put in is evident, and i hope you feel some of the love the fans feel!!

p.s. the new version of the theme song is immaculate


we definitely feel the love and are amazed by it every day. i'm glad our little game became something nice for ya 💚

(and fuck yeah, that new version IS immaculate) 


Thank you so much for this wonderful game. I adored the original release and was excited to see the update with added content. I was also insanely surprised at just HOW much I love Xyx's route. He became my instant favorite. So many thanks to you and the whole dev team! <3


i'm glad you liked him!! definitely a lot of hard work put into that one from the team. thanks for playing 💚


I just love you and the entire team so much. From the bottom of my heart I love ya'lls <3 

thank you for the love!! 💚


i literally have no words i'm so proud of all of youuuu <333 i just know that i'll never uninstall this game it just makes me really happy 💓

hell yeah, a TRUE bp fan B) (thanks gamer 💚)


Sincerely thank you to the whole dev team for all the amazing work that has gone into this game! I finished my fourth good end last night, and I'm already itching to play more to see other dialogue trees I missed and to check out the bad ends (even if they hurt me a little lol). This game has given me so much comfort and happiness over the last several months, and it'll surely continue to have a special place in my heart for a long time to come. I look forward to your future endeavors as well~ Best of luck and hope the holiday season treats y'all well c:

Aw, I'm glad the game has been a comfort. Have a good holiday season as well! 💚


Thank you so much for how much work you all put into this visual novel. As a fellow Fata Morgana fan, I think you did a damn good job making something that stands up in terms of emotional weight and artistic integrity. We leave little bits of the things we love in what we create, and BP has echoes of some of the big themes in Fata Morgana that resonate with a lot of players. (As we can see in the Discord.)

Once again, 

Thank you!!

you are very welcome, and that means a lot to me to hear!! i'm glad that other fatamoru fans can enjoy BP in that way 💚


reading this brings me to tears as I can feel how much love, care and effort that have been put into developing this game. that goodbye near the end gives me mixed feelings but i am so excited to see what your team will make in the future robo!! from the bottom of my heart, thank you. thank you to you and all your team for this lovely game that becomes one of my comfort game immediately. bless all of you and i hope you have a wonderful lives ahead of you. you guys deserved it (´。• ᵕ •。`)

💚💚 you are very welcome, and thank you for playing