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It's really good and the whole interface felt completely natural for Discord users like me. I ended up with Quest during my first run and I LOVED my interactions with him - it felt like he was a real person. xyx was my second-favorite love interest, I loved his personality! Both voice actors sounded amazing btw. The other love interest weren't my type and I didn't really like Toasty which is odd since I am an active FFXIV player and I really liked every single time the game was mentioned, haha. I think it's the visuals. I don't like the drawing style, it reminds me too much on western comics which don't appeal to me at all... and those huuuuuge eyebrows are really hard to ignore, lol. 

But since EVERYTHING ELSE was so so so good, I had to give this game a full 5-star rating!

Omg this game has made me cry twice in one day ;-; 

very good game but zxz is so saddddd i jus wanna love himm but i keep getting bad endings! T-T


This game made me cry, but other then that it's the best dating sim i've ever played! Love the lore of the server and Nightowl and Toasty are awesome!

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istg ik im SO SO SOOO late to this game, BUT OMGGGG!!! im literally so obsessed with the characters, li's, and the way + style of the game was made!!! i think this is awesome, i cant stop listening to the theme song! T-T i think the VAs did so good for their first time voice acting, and it feels real! the writer and illustration artist did so good:) overall, i can play this game over and over and over again without getting bored! tysm for blessing us with this amazing game, and tysm for being such a good community overall!

also, nightowl = MWAH -,-


Okay, first off, LOVE THE GAME.

only im super sad cuz i got all the bad ends in a row but still-

I love nightowl so much, he's amazing! But does anyone know how to get the good end for xyx?! My boy needs to be happy!

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We’ve got a walkthrough for him linked under the download buttons!

Omg whoops! Sorry, didn't see it lol


I absolutely loved this game. It made me cry multiple times. All I ask for is to know the actual names of the characters because I love them.


I played this game a while back, and I'm gonna play it again, I've missed Quest and xyx and toasty

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I got all the good endings, decided to replay! And then I got Xyx's bad ending. Kill me rn, SAY SIKE XYX 


IM SCREAMING This game is literally everything and more I LOVE IT SO MUCH


Really great game - thank you so much for all of your hard work. My favourite will always be Quest though! >o<
Great writing and the routes are super interesting. The Artwork is pretty and the calls are.. crazy cool. <3

Thanks again, I am looking forward to your next project!

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Hi, your games seem so cool! I would love to give this one a try and also your recent one seekL. Would you be able to release a version for Linux? Because I am using Linux these days and it would mean a lot if I could play your games.


My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try to download the PC version of both games. It turns out both of them already have an executable file for Linux inside. And I can confirm that Blooming Panic works in Linux. However, seekL doesn't work very well. It seems the graphics are glitching or something.

Hello, I was just wondering if this game will ever be available on Android?


as much as i love toasty, i always felt happy when salo chats since he is so positive. i love how absolutely warm he is as a person to his wife and kids (plus his first wife). i felt really warm inside since he felt like a grandpa figure to me

gonna try out other routes but damn i love toasty sm as a love interest that it felt so short! i loooovvvveeeeee pretty men with a tsundere personality. loved how his voice actor portrays him too!

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I played this game a while ago , and I can say that nightowl is an example of the nice guy concept.Like he is sweet and everthying ,but that time when he snapped at us , I dunno after hearing his apology I  felt a little bit weird


gahhh i just found this game and i binge played Quest's route. my heart, that was sooo good! i'm not usually a fan of pet names but every time he called me "Angel" i was over here blushing and kicking my legs 


i LOVE quest and his route so much... he's so sweet </3


wow now i think we need an onion route too...




Story pin image



xyx. pls, i will never get over you.





I played this game a while back, and I'm gonna play it again, I've missed Quest and xyx </3


ahhh, this game is so so good!! I just finished the last of the four routes and I got good endings on all of them first try because I'm a winner >:) not sure I can bring myself to go for the bad endings now lol. Xyx and NakedToaster are my favorites (esp Xyx). I love them so much!! (also FFXIV referenced? yes!!)

anyway, thank you for making this game. I'm definitely gonna replay it multiple times just to enjoy it all over again!


wth this is so good..? the voice acting?? the interactions?? i love all of them!! i got all the good endings first (thank god) so i haven't seen any of the bad endings n im kinda scared?? (should i play them?) but oh MAN all of them are so loveable in their own way! I thought nightowl is gonna be my favorite as he's the most relatable character ever (he's literally jsut like me frfr..) but xyx!! oh gosh his voice and he has a *** ? AAAAAAAAAAA also i didnt actually know Toasty was supposed to be the last route I didn't read the notes cuz I just went and downloaded it sdkfjhsdkjfh but it's fine I got to see xyx's route last, no regrets!! tysm for existing crew n creating this lovely game <3


im onion defender until i die i run the onion protect acc on twt im number 1 onion shooter i


thank you so much for making this game

unfortunatley, i have fallen deeply in love with all four of the boys

anyways, this game is kinda the reason i wanna live, so thank you so much robo barbie <3 <3


This game was so good... I'm crying right now :,


i'm not usually one to comment. however, i truly, deeply enjoyed this game. while i enjoyed xyx's route the most, all of the routes brought me an enormous amount of joy. i also became attached to the other members. they're always wonderful to interact with. thus, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this game. 

now... I DIDNT EXPECT TO CRY BUT WhATKJCBHDBC :((( they're all precious. 


ok now what if i explode/pos


you die




by FAR!! THE BEST DATING SIM IVE EVER PLAYED!! LOVED ALL THE DATEABLES SOOO MUCH!!!! other then night owl i hate night owl i literally want to throw a brick at him,,, MY FAVORITES!! were quest and toaster!!! THEYRE BOTH SO CUTE AND I LOVE THEM SO GODDAMN MUCH


There’s an xyx walkthrough in the devlogs below the download links that includes the choices you need to make in the common route!


thanks :)


I got a good ending with all of them it made me soooooooooo happy this game is really good and conforming😁😁😁💕💕




i absolutely loved this gameeee!!! 

i love them all equally,, but Quest!! Quest, man he holds a special place in my heart (right next to xyx). i loved the story and the characters so much,, so much that i just HAAD TO do the bad endings too (as much as it hurts me), THATS how good this game is my goddd, i could NOT get enough of it.

OH ALSO the voice actinggggg, so good, like chefs kiss, mwwwah, absolutely amazing!!

also theee mosquito(?) cover of the song at the end, AKSJKHD so good LMAO


Your games are so comforting, thank you from the bottom of my heart, robo. Gonna play SeekL as soon as I finish all Bloomic routes.

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no but i llove this game this made me FEEL bro ToT

edit: got all the endings for xyx, quest, and nightowl, but it wont let me get toast's route! i even tried the LovelyLola thing to force it but that didnt work either :(


when the server greets you, click "...", and click "cute" when xyx sends the selfie of toast :D


oh my GODDDDDDD XYX is such a precious cinnamon roll I CANT ASDFGHJKL

it is very very very engaging and I've never thought I'd stumble on a gem like that!!!

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Made an account just to leave a comment here, But this game IS SO GOOD! Im obsessed 

Edit (Maybe spoilers??Idk) Just finished BOTH XYX endings, I am crying, this isnt even a joke, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH UGHHH

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I have to admit, i really love this game. I had so much fun getting all the (GOOD) endings. I didn't think I'd care much for Quest, but I was proven very very wrong! He's lovely <3 I couldn't even bring myself to try to get any of the bad endings though, uekafh my heart couldn't take it.

Of course, I don't think I have a favorite. I love all the characters so much, maybe too much.

I'd definitely pay for dlc's of the rest of the characters too (excluding our communal grandfather Salo ofc). Particularly Onion, if only because the little we did find out about him got my curiosity piqued lol.

All in all, A+ game. The art, the music, the wonderful and endearing characters, all of it made this game an enjoyable experience.



this game got me giggling so bad(+1 for xyx), feel like  having a first love again LOL

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